With a German Guy

It's a true incidence of mine, it was 24th December, 2003 and I was in yahoo gay chat rooms. There I left a message for everyone to read, it was like that, "A 27 years old short slim smooth brown bottom male from new Delhi, India looking for a White top mature male who could lick and fuck my asshole!" I got messages from Indians, young ones and so on. But there was one message that read like that – " I am 58 yrs old German with beard and visiting New Delhi on 2nd of January, 2004 for two days."

This caught my attention and we started chatting he was insisting that he wants very young boys he don't like man with hairy face or body or very tall or bulky so he will assure me to have sex with me only when he could see me. But unfortunately both of us did not have our pictures with us to swap. I was telling him I don't like to meet someone to just to meet if only he can assure me that we will have sex I will be coming to his hotel while he was insisting on that he could only confirm after seeing one. He was very rigid about having a condom I said what's use of buying condom when you will see and decide.

This went on for quite a long he don't wanted to do it with condom and will have to see me first to decide whether we could have sex or not. While I was insisting there is no use of buying condom and meeting you when it depend that if you like to have sex with me or not. So we decided that as we both did not have seen each other lets shut this matter here as we both are rigid on our stands. So we decided lets leave our contact numbers and we will see if we could have it or not.

On 2nd January fortunately I got some work in the area where his hotel was, and I gave a call on his number he was not in his room I left msg for him like this " I am here in town, if you like to organize the interview we discussed on do call me pls, you have my number" After about 20 minutes I got a call that you reach to the hotel lobby I am stilling there near fountain couch number 5. I reached to the hotel lobby as soon as I entered into the lobby I started searching for couch no. 5.

I saw a big about 6'3" tall about 85 kgs weighing man with gray beard coming towards me. He said, hello I am Hermann. We both went to the vacant couch. First thing he said that he is erect he liked me and he liked to have sex let's move into his room. I said relax lets have some coffee. He said come in room we will have it. And while taking his room keys from reception he told lady to order two coffees for us in our room. As soon as we entered his room he bolted it. And took me in his arm and said hey you are really nice young brown boy. You are slim smooth short and real brown male, I am sure you must be having nice black penis too. We sat on sofa he showed me buldge in his pant. I asked so would you like to have sex with me. He said its my pleasure you are more than I was looking for.

Than asked whether I would like to have sex with me. I said for sure as for me you are mature (58), top and heavily built and as you told me you will lick my asshole too. He said oh sure boy, I will lick every inch of you. I am feeling to have sex. Than suddenly I realized we have not bought the condom. I said sorry we don't have condom he said its okay you are too irresistible to wait for condom and moreover by looking at you I am sure you are not professional and rarely fucked asshole. So its okay for now. In between room service came and served us two coffees, we took our complimentary wafers from the mini bar.

While I was sipping last few sips of coffee he finished his coffee bolted the room from inside and started getting naked. He got fully naked and told me if you are ready I am ready. I noticed he was hairy man with gray hairy chest and gray pubes his penis was about 6 and half inches cur with a pink mushroom head. He was semi erect. He came close to me, made me to get up and than he started squeezing my ass cheeks while French kissing me. He said, AAAAh you are nice butthole. And than started taking off my cloths. By this time we both got fully naked we hugged each other. He told me to get on bed while he kept standing on floor ( he wanted to adjust ourselves as about 1 feet's difference was there in our heights).

He said common boy suck my penis. Am I not a good hairy top for you I assure you full pleasure so cooperate with me? I nodded, oh yeah. I started sucking his penis and he started to breath heavily. He kept squeezing my butt. We did it this for next 10 minutes. He said he would like to cum in my mouth so when second time when he will be erect he will stay longer and during that time he will fuck my asshole. I did not said any thing he started mouth fucking me now he grabbed me by my head and stroking his penis in and out of my mouth. AAAAAAaaah aaaaaaah and he short his sperms into my mouth I could not take it all in me (and I did not wanted to gulp them either) but some of them I gulped and rest started spilling out of my mouth.

He kept mouth fucking me while kept ejaculating his load now it was like that some soap foam has formed in my mouth. His sperms created froth in my mouth his penis was gradually limping and sliding in out very softly. And finally his withdrew his penis and kissed me in my lips and said you are nice. I liked it. And he said you are really nice bottom male I would lover to marry you as my wife. Than we both laid on bed we started gentle wrestle he was kissing and licking here and there while I was massaging his hairy body here and there.

Than he said common boy let me prepare your ass to take my penis in and you make my penis hard so he could fuck you ass. And he said you come on top of me while he laid down on the bed he told me come and sit on his face, and facing his legs suck his penis. I started chewing his gray pubes while bending myself forward exposing my asshole to him, his pubes smelled erotically. Now he smelled rather more erotically as his penis was lubed with his own semen and my saliva. I sating on his face felt that he is spreading my ass cheeks and licking my asscrakcs. He was burying his face in between my ass cracks and massaging them with his beard. He opened my asscheeks and started licking my asscraks, and black outer-ring of my asshole. I also realized his hot breath getting into my asshole I looked back and I saw he was sniffing my asshole.

He licked my asscheeks, sniffed my asshole for about five minutes. And I noticed as long he kept sniffing my asshole gradually his penis started growing by that percentage. It seemed like my erotic asshole and its smells were taking its toll on him. He moaned, kissed and bitten my asscheeks. He started growing hard. He started sucking my penis, which was oozing with precums, he sucked my precums and spat it over my asshole. Now with my precums and his spit he lubricated my asshole and started toungue fucking it. It did a great effect on me and started moaning in pleasure. He moisted my asshole with his saliva, spit and my precums and I was not ejaculating my semen on his chest he collected all of them in his finger and poked that sperm filled finger into my asshole. His fingers were stroking in and out of my now gasping asshole. We both were moaning in pleasure. He got up and said I am ready are you.

I said I don't know, he said you are. I moisted and lubricated you asshole enough that you could even let a donkey fuck your this black asshole and you will enjoy it. Than he told me to go on all my four on bed let me rest my head on pillow and keep my ass as upward as I can. He keenled down again sniff my asshole licked the inner walls of my asshole stroke my penis. He spat on my asshole and fingered it with his spit he asked me to spat on his palms I spat. He smeared my spit on his penis and got up. He spanked my asscheeks and massaged my back. And than he kept tip of his penis on my gasping asshole. He said now its final fun time. He started pushing in gradually inch by inch.

I still don't know what happened I was too much involved in the felling of being fucked by a mature top while male with good sized penis. I had some pain, pleasure and escasity of having sex. I did not realized when he slipped it his full penis in side me. By the time I realized he was fucking me like a dog fucking his bitch in heat. We both were aroused and hot. He was lying on my back and kissing my ears and cheeks massaging my hands and on the backside rythamatically kept pumping in and out his penis from my gasping asshole. He kept moaning aaaaaaah aaaaaah god you are nice piece of butt.

I really wants you to marry you. You are my Asian sex wife. I really felt like that I am a bitch and some big German Shepard dog is mounted on me. And he will not leave his bitch till he is not satisfied. He kept me fuckign like this for 15 minutes in between his fucked I ejaculated for second time. He again collected my cum and took his penis out smeared it on them and than again entered into my asshole. Like this he kept fucking me for 15 minutes and than his legs started shacking his moans started getting lounder and his hands grips on my chest getting stronger.

He ejaculated inside me, I could notice the quantity of his sperms was not as much as he spilled into my mouth but yes jerk and intensity was lot bigger than the previous one. We kept unmoved for two minutes his limp penis automatically slipped out of my well fucked and moist asshole, as soon as his penis slipped out, sperms and spit started dripping out of my asshole to my legs. He opend my asshole and started licking his cum, spit mixed with my assjuices. I spent another 20 minutes with him in which about 10 minutes we took bath together… and than he said as he has some appointment today its enough for today lets meet next day and than he will give me more pleasure. While saying him bye, I asked did he enjoyed! He said very much and he wants me to be his male wife. I said I too enjoyed and we said goodbye to each other.