Sid, Sunil and Ashley

I was waiting for sid to come.but sid didnt turn up till 6pm and even sunil too didnt come.and i was surfing the channels on the tv when doorbell rang , i reached to the door and opened it, there stood sunil in tight fitting jeans and a loose shirt and he looked much better than his hotel uniform,he told me that he had went to hotel doctor to take painkillers as he had pain in his down under and he is much better now after taking medicines, i asked him what he told to the doctor, he said," i told him that he is feeling pain in my ass because i am suffering from gastric upsets".

I heaved a sigh of relief and asked what he would like to have , he said nothing as the room service boy (whoever he may be) will be coming to serve in the room will recognise him and it will be impossible for him to explain, i understood his jeopardy and as we were talking there was the door bell, i knew it was sid and i opened the door and there stood sid with broad smile on his face and had a bunch of flowers for me and told me ," yesterday your visit was a surprise for me and today i came to greet you formally". I laughed and asked him to come inside but he said,"dony you took the flowers but i got one gift too for you."

I looked at him quizzingly and he moved aside and there stood this very young chap aged about 17-18 slim tall with very fair complexion ,brown eyes and brown hairs and a beautiful greek nose and his upper lip was having very few hairs,very pink lips and had broad shoulders which were covered by a tight fitting sleeveless black muscle tee and lower part of the body had black capri and at the end had black sports shoes. Sid called out to me and said dony this is your gift his name is ashley and he is a college student .

I invited both of them inside and there was sunil who was shocked and speechless and i told sid ,"man this is your return gift ",pointing my finger towards sunil. Now i took sunil in the bathroom and told him that he will be getting one thousand again and now he had to please sid and i left him inside and ordered the room service to get coke for four, once the coke was served and room boy left, sunil came out, we all took coke, and after that thing were pretty dead and we didnt know what to do, suddenly ashly told me,"hey dony dont you have etiquettes, you should open the gift given by your friend and you sid you open your return gift ".

And we all started laughing and i took ashley in my arms and started kissing him and sid took sunil in his arms and started kissing him, now i focussed myself on ashly whose kissing with gusto started sensations down my spine and my hands started roaming on his body and then i removed his muscle tee shirt and there a very lovable almost white chest with very well developed chest muscles with two pink nipples and flat abdomen and then i started kissing him on the chest and took his nipples in my mouth and started sucking on and his nipples got erected like two small dicks and when i had my time with his chest i moved to his naval and started licking there he fell on the bed and was looking at me lovingly and now i removed his capri and there was a sextastic boy wearing a small black underwear with a hard dick which was visible through it and he asked me to remove my cloths minus my undies.

I removed my cloths as my lover said ,i had just an underwear and saw sid and sunil were both nude and were sucking each other on the carpet moans were coming from there mouths and i knew both were enjoying it . I moved to bed near my lover for the time and started kissing him,two men in undies or should i say one man and a boy started kissing again and now ashley took charge and started sucking my nipples with his hand roaming on my undies and now he started kissing my abdomen and took his mouth to where it belonged and started sucking my dick with the undies in between ,during his weird love making some many times he bit gently on my dick and then he removedmy removed my undies and cried out,"oh my god' you are a horse, if not atleast you are hung like one".

He held my dick in his hand and was looking it admiringly and then opened his pink lips and took my tool in it then he took it out after just moving the dick head in his mouth and then started licking the underside of the dickhead with his tongue and a flood of electric im pulses roamed my body and then he started sucking me with such a power that was unknown to me since then . His tongue, his lips his throat they were treating my dick as no one had ever done that before and i was in the seventh heaven, and then i knew there was urgency and it was that i was cumming and i started moving my hips but my lover removed his mouth and pinched severely on my balls and i came down from the high and my cum was stopped then he said," i dont want you to come so soon,this is the dick of my dreams and i want you to let me have it to my heart content".

Then he started licking it again and i removed his undies he had thin long pencil like dick which was very white and had a brown bush around its base and two white almost hairless balls. It was coated with precum and when i took it in my mouth it felt bit bitter and salty but i wanted to treat my lover with the same enthusiasm with which he was sucking me it was just a while when he stopped sucking and asked me to stop and asked me to fuck him now, then i took out condom which my lover ashly snatched from me and started unrolling it on my dick using his mouth, this too was the first for me then he applied lots of lube on my dick and on his hairless ass and then bent over and asked me to slowly push it inside and asked me not to stop if he cries but just to keep pushing till whole pole is in the hole and when i gave it to him slowly and firmly he said with tears in his eyes,"man i am a man and want to get fucked like a man, what are you waiting for, just ram the whole thing inside", but i didnt pay him any attention and kept on drilling it till it was full inside then started in and out movements and after doing it for a while,it was nice as then i realised that ashley was milking my ndick with his ass muscles,this guy had better control on his ass muscles then ladies have at their cunt muscles, i thought i was doing the work but it was my lover who was doing most of the work.

Then he asked me to lay down on bed and he sat on my dick and started humpoing it and then when i was about to cum, he stopped again and then he rotated on my dick and now his back was facing me, it felt like my dick will be twisted and break down but because of condom and lubrication he was able to acheive this step without much pain to me and then this pain helped me to stopp my cum sensation and i was again ready to fuck, but then he laid down on my abdomen with his back on my chest and started moving his hips upwords and downwords it felt he was fucking the air, but actually he was being fucked by my dick in an entirely new position and then he rolled on his stomach and i started fucking him in very normal style with him down me with his face on trhe pillows,now i came to my control and i started kissing him in neck in ears and then he moved his face and i was able to kiss him on the cheek and then lips all this was too much for me to handle and i wanted to move fast and over it but he didnt let me, he asked me to withdraw my dick and he again rolled back on his back and threw his legs in the air and asked me to enter again and when i started fucking him again he started jerking his dick with me fucking and then there was a bomb blast, and the dam exploded, there was a flood of cum from my balls and i fainted as my seed started inflating the teat of condom buried deep in his ass and he started coming on his chest, and i fell on his chest and when came to senses i saw sid and sunil were standing near by with there dicks hard and then ashley pushed me on the bed and removed my condom and licked my cum off my dick till it was clean and then he asked sunil to give his dick deep in ashley's ass and then sunil fucked him and he came within ten strokes and then sid was jerked off by ashley's expert ass and both of them were licked clean by ashley and he was damn tired and this cute bugger who made all three of us so satisfied was drifted off to sleep and we started discussing in nude and by then sunil had very well adjusted himself to the world where he belonged and was taken to by me yes thats right the gay world.

In the evening at 9 pm ashley woke up and after taking bath we all dressed and went to a bar and had few drinks and dinner and then all three of them left for their places, and i came to hotel back and slept till 11 am and then i went to sightseeing tour of the dream city of mumbai