Amits Story

Whole story is true, while I come in this story in 2nd part. My cousin nephew in relation spent some nights at our home who described me his full story and want to be written here in his own words the "he" words denotes to me in real thing. Let me first introduce my self. I am a 13 yr old boy living in the capital city New Delhi. I am good looking with an ht of 5 ft 2 in, 53 kgs. I am an introvert. I have always had an interest in erotic literature & soft porn but have been to shy to buy it myself. But I often get the opportunity to read some of the stuff that my friend who has hidden in his cupboard. I have read almost all the stories of that porno's.

My father lives in a combined family having his father, uncles and their sons i.e. my father's cousin brothers were between the age group of 14-20 years. When I was 8 years old I have noticed that my father's 14 yrs old cousin brother, called here my uncle, has given me a lot of undue attention. When we were alone, he would always try to hug me, squeeze my chest or kiss me suddenly, I would always enjoy these overtures but then the fear of this being "wrong" & the fear of being caught always made me scold him & ask him to keep away from me.
One day me and my other cousin uncles were sleeping in the top floor room. In the mid-night, he joined me under the mattress, instead of his own bed. I was too scared to make a scene so I did not ask him to get away. Just then I felt his hands exploring my thighs & pubic area .I was always enjoying this so don't stopped him, when he tried to open the string of the pajama and remove my panties I helped him to do so. He was undressed & wearing only his boxer shorts. I was excited as well as happy when I saw this because I knew what his intentions were. He then pulled me close & started to French kiss me. I was really happy but I tried to push him away saying somebody can see this. He then told me what was in my mind that I wanted this as well as he did. He then started to remove my t-shirt, I was too hot by now to enjoy. Then he pulled off all my cloths & started to squeeze my chest and start sucking my nipples. At the same time he was pressing my ass cheeks, & pulling me closer to him.

I don't try to stop him as I had enjoyed. He kept on sucking my chest & fondling & kissing my whole body that I could not protest any more. He managed to get it out finally & the sight of my cleared pubic area with a small dick really turned him on. We both were fully naked at that time. He turned me around & made me lied between his legs facing away from him. There was a full-length mirror in front of us & he pulled my legs apart & showed me all the parts of the male genitals. He then started rubbing masturbating me and took my hand on his 5" cock. He pulled me to suck it & soon I was sucking his cock very gently and deliciously till next 15 minutes. He then pulled his orgasm in my mouth. It was so testy. Then we lay on the bed exhausted for a while & went off to sleep in each other's arms.

I woke up again at 3 am found him sucking my small cock. It was a sensation that I had never experienced before& I was rising to great heights of ecstasy. He then came up & took me in his arms & gave me a passionate kiss. He asked me if I was ready to make love. I was scared when I heard this as I thought it would be painful. he convinced me that I was totally ready now & there will be very little pain. He then made me sleep on my back on the bed & put 3 pillows to raise my buttocks. Then he spread my legs & asked me to relax. He then keeps his cock in my mouth to suck. It was driving me crazzzzyyy. Soon I was having one orgasm after the other inside my body. He then remove his cock from my mouth and took some saliva on his hand and rubbed my ass hole. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain as he entered me. I asked him to stop but he just shut my mouth by his palm and pulled me closer & started to massage my chest. I started weeping but it was too late for him to stop now. He then started gentle strokes.

It was paining less now & the pleasure was rising. He was also pressing at my dick with his fingers & that was increasing the pleasure. Then he put his hands under my ass pulled me closer & started fucking me harder & harder & faster & faster. Ahhhhh suddenly a shudder ran through my body & I had a great orgasm inside. He too then came inside me & flooded all his sperms in me. Then exhausted we collapsed in each other's arms. We rested for a while & then again made love. Then we took hugging & kissing each other. We did not get such an opportunity again in that trip.

But then after that day I bunked my bed many times to spend time having glorious sex with him in his bed. He was very adventurous & tried many new positions including doggy style & 69. [2] Two years after I leave them and shifted in new house. I know that I will not be able to fucked more by him. While I was only 11 years old at that time but fully habitual to sucking cocks and fucked my ass hole. So I decided to find new relationship once & for all. As I do miss him as well as the physical intimacy & great lovemaking that he taught me. I not was having a suitable boy or manhood.

The god is great. He gives me an opportunity. after my exams, in x-mass holidays, I decided to visit my newly wedded aunt, hoping they would have a solution to my boredom and I decide to stay for some days at my aunt's home in just another block in our neighborhood. There was nothing in my mind but at night, my heart was singing. My uncle [that's me] was a handsome man with great physique. He used to sleep in v shaped tight jockey brand panty only even in winter nights. They always finish the dinner before nine at night, and tried to off the lights sharp 9.30 in the night. At this point in time I think made up my mind and get laid, but what was needed how exactly to go about approaching the situation.

I lie down on my seat at bed beside my uncle and try to show sleeping. I just wanna see their intercourse that night, but my presence stopped them to do so and they also tried to sleep. My aunt always had no time to sleep fast even before marriage, while I was not sure about my uncle as he was new to me. At 10 o'clock I went to bathroom and when turned, my uncle was there for his turn with a big size about 8" heavy cock outside his v-shaped tight panty. The top of the cock was out from the panty as it was unable to hidden his straight erected cock. Infect so many times I realised that he always sexually hot and in night at bed his cock always erected and straight. My eyes fixed on that scene.

He smiled infect a cunning smile and goes to his turn brushing my ass with his bulky cock-head. I felt a great sensation. This sudden move on my part sent shock waves through out my body. I found my manhood. I found the dick for my mouth. I found the cock for my ass. I found the tool for fucking my thighs. Being experienced in this field; this time I came and sat very next to him on the bed, and open the string of my pajama and keep off the same along with my panty from my hips. He also lay on the bed besides me. As we sat beside each other, there was fully blackout in room as they don't like to lit any night lamp in nights. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but then I also got confidence and forced back, to get more contact to his body. I feel that he was not slept and his 8" bulky cock now completely out from the panty and he was trying to rub that by his hand or was trying to start masturbating.

He was aware that I was not sleeping. My sixth sense was prompting me to make a move and started to caress his hand that was busy in playing with his 8" bulky cock head. I tried to push my-self his side and my ass got in touch with his moving hands and his top of the bulky cock. He feared and removes his hand from his dick immediately. Then I took my back again to touch his body and this time his cock's heat excited me. He gains some confidence and feels a new sensation. First, I remove his cock from my ass but it's again was there with more force near my ass hole. Then I remove my body making a space between us. All these make him horny about me. He wants to masturbate for an hour to satisfy him but now he caught my intention to involve with him in the game. He then pushes a finger at my ass hole. I whispered; ooi.

He then removes his finger. Then I close my body to his cock again and this time my panty was much lower from their position. He founds this being a favorable sign from me and inserts his cock between my thighs. Before this, I never feel this situation. It was great then fucking the ass. I again pushed back and leave the space between us. He again put his finger in my hole and I decline again but push my back to hit his cock. Now he realised, that I want fun before fucking. He grabbed me by his arms and hugs me tightly. Holding my face he planted a kiss on my mouth. Not getting any sort of resistance was an encouraging sign; He then pulled me close & started to French kiss with me. I was excited as well as happy when he done this because I knew what will be the next. He then started to remove my top; he was too hot by now to act.

Then he pulled off my pajama and panty & started to squeeze my chest & down my mouth to suck his nipples. At the same time, he was pressing my ass cheeks, & pulling me closer to him. He then tried to pull off my mouth to his bellybutton. I didn't tried to stop him as I had done this earlier and like to do the same today but showed some fake resistance this time. I fondling & kissing his whole body that I could not protest any more. He managed to get it out finally & the sight of my mouth really turned him on front of his long bulky head of his cock. He keep finger between my jaws to open my mouth and push my head towards his cock by other hand. He forcibly push the whole of his 8" cock in my mouth and then tries to pull up and down his buttock to give me a great blowjob.

After some time I myself involve in sucking with great test and charm then he leave my neck. I sucked and licked his cock more then 2 hours continuously. He was having great patience inside. He was the first man of my life who don't pulled his orgasm in my mouth while others always showered in my mouth within 2-10 minutes. I lick his cock like an ice-cream and kept his cock again and again in my mouth to have a great test. Another hour passed. He then turned me around & made me lied on my stomach.

I thought it would be sharply painful as whole the cocks those entered in my mouth or my ass were too small in comparison of his tool. He held my hair and pushed my head hard on his cock, I opened my mouth again and took his cock in my mouth he again jerked my head into his lap all of his cock went in my mouth and my lips were brushing against his pruned hair growth of pubic area. Now he pulled my hair a bit motioning me to lift my head a bit then with one hand he grabbed my hair again and other hand he put on the birth to support him. He started fucking my mouth, as nobody done this with me.

It was amazing in the meanwhile he pushed his fingers caressing my buttock he caressed my entire behind then pushed his finger in my ass. It was really sensational as there was no light so I was sure nobody would know that something is going on and they wouldn't be able to see what. His cock was busy fucking my mouth and I felt that he was about to come as his thrust were becoming faster and faster. Suddenly he jerked and shot load of his cum in my throat, I swallowed all of his honey tested cum and blew him dry leaving not even a single drop fall anywhere. I did the same thing to me in our 2nd round and meanwhile he was fingering me, I orgasm again. He then made me sleep on my front on the bed & then he spread my legs & asked me to relax. Suddenly I felt a sensation when he entered his cock between my thighs just below the asshole. I asked him to keep it inside me, but he just pulled me closer & started to massage my chest. He started blowing my thighs and then started gentle strokes. Pleasure was on the rise.

He was also pressing at my dick with his fingers & that was increasing the pleasure. Then he pulled me closer & started fucking me harder & harder & faster & faster. He remove his hard cock between my thighs and insert once again in my mouth for another 15 minutes this time it was completely dip with my saliva and, ahhhhh suddenly a shudder ran through my body. He screwed me quickly entering his whole 8" bulky cock inside my ass. My eye was full with tears, my jaws were tight fearing I will shouted loudly due to pain in my ass but he flooded his strokes hard and fast for next 40 minutes.

Vow; he then exhausted his cock and went to bathroom to clean that without showering his orgasm in my ass or on my body. We collapsed in each other's arms. He doesn't rest and again start made love. And took my mouth again on his dick this time he laid me on my back and he sit on my chest then he push his cock inside my mouth and start mouth fucking again. He was the mad or sex maniac and keeps strokes continuously next 15 minutes this time he loaded all his cum in my mouth having a great test like honey. And ahhhhh, ooooooooooooooooooooochchhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

He immediately insert the whole cock in my little ass in one big shot. He rammed me for next one hour and with a big surprise to me he was going to fuck his newly wed wife for another 2 hours which the whole picture he create in front of me with his wife who was not aware am peeping all these what was going on He repeats the same every day in that week. But then after that week I bunked my evening tuitions many times to spend time having glorious sex with him at his house. He was alone that time as aunt used to go to park with her neighbor-hood ladies every evening and spent more then two hours there. I got that chance having sex with him. It was a great combination he always found mouths to pull his bulky cock and I always search cocks for my mouth as well as my ass hole


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