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I used my study books to hide my pornographies so when ever I feels hornier I used my xxx photo album to masturbate which takes time for then 30 minutes to ejaculate but not satisfy because always I have second erection within 10 minutes of fucking or masturbating which takes another 30-40 minutes. This time there was no scope to satisfy my precious 8" heavy cock who was erected with a 180° angle with my body and 90° angle with the earth with a heavy tent in my pant, I took my nude photo album in at transparent plastic folder and went to my terrace to check what was going on, with the intention to show my nude album to that sexy and fuck-able guy. I stand near to him with the plastic folder in my hand and asked his name who told me that he was Askhay student of 10th class and shifted from another block of our block.

I deliberately move the transparent plastic holder from one hand to another hand to expose the nude photo album in front of him. I found a favorable smile on his face that encourages me to go forward and be bold with him. When they finished the work and the operator went down, I stopped him in the staircase and ask weather he has interest in pornographies or masturbating or homosexuality? He told me that he is fond of sex and pornography even he is frequent masturbator like me and he will introduce new ideas of masturbating to me. Further more, he was ready to having sex between both of us when ever I would have a room for him. Next day I found myself alone for 2 hours. I called him to come at my house with some stuff if he had. He locked his house and come up with me. Once accidentally our butts met.

That couples of seconds were a lifetime experience for me. Having his sitting this on the sofa in front of me was like having a dream come true. At times in life what you think a thing to be usually turns in a way exactly opposite to how you had thought it to be. The boy I had adored and chiseled turned out to be a person from whom I could least expect such a from. His innocent face even at that point in time or for that matter even now cannot boast of the experience he had hidden away inside his. My student image was shattered to bits but the compensation of having fucked him to my utter delight made up far more than my expectations that day. He asked me, what u wants to play. He got the nude cards and a nude pocket size book.

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