Mujhase Kusti Karoge

Now I wish to tell you further to part I. My partner was too eager But I was cautious. I closed the curtains and switched off the lights except one bulb in the toilet for privacy and lest one might have a peek at us. The boy took off his clothes except shorts and I did the same.

So in the almost darkness, we started on our knees. In a sudden move, I pulled down his shorts and swiftly I had him in a bearhug. He pulled down my shorts and had his arms tightly around my torse. So our legs locked in pulled down shorts, we tried to dislodge one another. Our cocks were rubbing together and soon both of us were erect. Locked we fell side by side and with one hand pulled our socks. Our bodies were rubbing together. I locked my legs against his and came on top but he rolled over. So we rolled one way or the other. I reached down with one hand and had his nuts in my fist. I pressed hard. As he groaned, I took advantage and slipped behind him. Now I locked my legs and pushed him on his stomach. My erect tool was in the crack of his ass.

He squirmed to get free but I kept the grip. Now I took his erect tool in my hand and started fondling and frigging him. With his hands he tried to pull away my hand from his cock but could not. As the momentum increased his gasps became loud and he came with a groan. OK? I asked. OK - he said. So in the same doggie position, I had him. I knew from the start that he was a good borrom. I feel this is the most erotic posturevbe it wrestling and having sex.

So we had all the fun the remaining part of the week of our stay. But I did not win every time and we enjoyed to the hilt. Of course I fulfilled the craze for nude and sensous wrestling, the whole week. A long time has passed since then but my search for a wrestling partner continues.


chutmarike hindi me english ki kaha ben chodi?