Unexpected quarters

The unexpected quarters were one very amazing thing happened to me. as i was very much hard and about to jerk off,i called the room service for my bed tea.as the room service boy who was a well built young man of 23-24 years and very handsome face came to my room with the tea trolley.i immediately liked him and wanted to seduce him,but was a bit apprehensive as i didn't know how he is going to react.then i thought what the hack,i was all alone and had no one in the city who knew me,i took the chance.

i asked him to prepare the tea for me and all i had on me was a bath robe(gown) and then asked him to make the bed and as he bent i saw his tight ass and his v shaped undies visible in outlines through his pents material, my erection returned in full mast. as he was rearranging my room i finished my tea and asked him to prepare the bath tub for a tub bath, he smiled and said,"sir arent you able to sleep last night as you need a relaxing bath first thing in morning.

i told him that i am here on vacation and plan to relax till my heart content, he smiled,and if you believe he had sexy smile which showed his beautiful set of teeth and pink lips,i asked him his name which he told was sunil and he was from small village of maharashtra(an indian state). i asked him how much was his salary which he told was 1800 bucks a month, i asked him how much he usually makes in tips he said that all the tips are taken away by the head waitor(floor manager) and he was left with only the salary and as he went into the bathroom my naughty mind made the plans, as he was preparing the bath i removed my robe and went in the bath room with my royal erection in my birthday suit, he was preparing the bath and didnt saw me till the tub was full of water and bubbles and he turned around and his jaw dropped and his eyes moved to my dick and stayed there for a moment and i knew i made the kill.

i asked him if he wanted to make one thousand bucks he just kept quite, i flashed the thousand rupee note which i had in my palm and told him if he make me happy this note will move the hands, he said that what all he had to do, i smiled and said take care of my damn dick and make it soft, he was reluctant but i moved towards him he kind of softened and when i slipped the note in his breast pocket and took him in my arms and then i kissed him on the lips and he just closed his eyes and he just gave in and let me had my time with him.

i asked him to hold me and he took my dick in his hand and started rattling it, then i asked him to strip off and he obeyed me and then i saw his naked hairless built with manual labour body with a small soft dick with two plum balls embedded in curly black hairs and i took his dick in my hand and jerked him till he was hard and i asked him to suck me, he took water and soap and washed my dick and and again closed his eyes he started sucking me and with me telling him how to do and what to do he soon transformed in a great cocksucker and when i was almost about to cum i pushed him away and asked him to bend over and i applied lots of oil on his ass and my dick and inserted one finger in his tight ass and then two till his hole loosened up and then i placed my dickhead on his ass hole and pushed it till the dickhead popped in and a small cry came out of his lips he was bent at the waist and was holding the rim of the bath tub and i was behind him and was taking in and out my dick head till he relaxed, i held the bottle of oil in my hand and started dropping oil drop by drop on my dick head.

it was like one drop of oil on the dick head and then the dick went in and as the dick came out another drop and pushed the dick in slight more till whole dick went in side and then i started fucking him slowly and with sensations of his very well lubricated ass which held my dick with a glove like snuggness and then i too bent over him and my hand took his dick which went soft again in my hand and made it hard and matched my jerking him to tempo of my fucking.

when i was about to cum my tempo was very fast and at the same time was fucking him fast and then he shot his load and sprayed his cum on the bathroom floor and i came in his ass and then took out my dickk when it softened and then i turned him around to kiss him and after my lust was over he took a quick shower and dressed and with bent head, said thanx and tried to leave but i stopped him and saw he had tears in his eyes and he told me," saab it was first time when i did this kind of thing that too for money and i am feeling like i am a whore", i said ,"sunil listen we do all the things all the work for money, dont we? never mind it as this is life and yeah one thing more i will be staying in this hotel for four more days, you can make lots of money and asked him to come at 5.30 pm sunil said ok i will be off for the day at five and will come to you at 5.30 and i how much i will get in the evening i said 1000 again and didnt tell him what i was about to do that time . as at that time sid was expected to come as i wanted to give him a present and you know what it is


Is it story true? If yes, then plz give me the address of the hotel where Sunil work.


rape this innocent guy...damn u...he..he..he..