Rohit and Babu - I

I am 21 and my cousin rohit is 25.he is better known by the pet name 'BABU'. Right from childhood BABU was gifted by a well-built masculine body. he was 6" ft tall,healthy, about 72kgs, with a muscular body , and above all a 9" inch long ,thick, steel hard cock. he is wheatish.i am slim ,and since i have never partcipated in any outdoor games or activities i have a feminine body, i.e. fair slim feminine thighs just like girls.

i have a very fragile delicate body like women with very less hair on it. the only thing which i poseessed as a male was my had happened such that i had been to babu's house for my winter vaccations. babus parents and his brother had left to there native place for some marriage. i knew that, and babu had told me that he had got some XXX cds ,and we will enjoy watching them as everyone was out. i too agreed as i was fond of watching them as i had seen only a few . It was a cold night when babu and me made arrangements for the food and returned home exhausted.Babu said that he will prefer to have a bath before the dinner. i said i too will prefer and told him to have a bath first.then babu added that we have the water supply only till 11 pm, after that we have to rely on the water tank which was almost empty.

Actually he was telling a lie, in order to trap me in the plan.i said then what can be done? he then said that we have one option, we both will bath together in order to save time as it is already 10:30 pm.I was a bit hesitant b'cause i never wanted to expose my fair, smooth feminine body before anyone, as i felt very shy. he said areee yaar , u r not a woman why ar u so shy, we both are males,arent we. so i finally agreed, unaware of his gay intentions. babu went inside the room and i told him that i wll follow him and i went to the toilet. after that when i returned to the bathroom i saw him standing almost nude ,the only thing he was wearing was his frenchie which covered only his cock.

i could see the swelling at that place, his frenchie was loaded by a massive monster cock. he looked very sexy at that moment.he than said what are u waiting for, come under the shower. i stepped forward ,took off my T-shirt, and my barmooda, and me too was on my underwear.babus eyes were carefully examining each and every part of my fair semi nude body,he said "u have a very sexy slim body like girls,so smooth thighs and not even hair on it. babu said that first we will bath with cold water and then switch on to hot water.i didnt really like the idea since it was chill cold outside but still i agreed.

finally we both were under the shower. everything was fine untill then. then all of sudden babu pulled his frenchie down his feet and said i bath totally nude. i went blank when i saw his massive cock, it was very long,about 9" inches ,too thick, with sexy foreskin, it was hanging down with a pair of big testicles. i was speechless. he said " MERA LUND DEKH KAR CHAUK GAYE NA, BAHUT BADA HAI, MAIN IS LUND SE GAI OUR BHAIS KO BHI CHOD SAKTA HOON''.I said you are right u can no doubt fuck a cow or buffola with such big sized lund. he then asked me the size of my lund, i said please dont ask that as i have a very small lund. he smiled and said no problem show me i will not make fun of your lund.

he added , that a male should never be shy to show his cock and he should show it with great finally i pulled my underwear a bit down, but paused and said that i cant do it. i said that i was very shy.he said that he"ll help me. saying that he pulled my underwear down to my feet. now we both were totally naked under that shower. he said oh sexy tu to kamal ki cheez hai. i was applying soap on my body and closed my eyes so that no soap should enter my eyes. at that time i felt something entering my anal hole. i turned around and saw that it was babus thick middle finger.

i said kya kar rahe ho? pagal ho kya?babu then gripped me hard in his arms and embraced me forcefully.since he was very tall(6" ft) as compared to me his lund was rubbing just above my navel. the climate was cold and we were totally wet, but still i could feel the tremendous heat of babus body.further he lifted me by placing his rock hands on my smooth silky ass so that both of our lips were in same level. he then wildly smooched my tender lips. i had no idea of what was happening as everything happened so fast. i pleaded him to stop that immediately, but he was busy exploring my nude body with his hands.he said "abhi to shuru hua hai abh mein teri gand marronga".

he started moving his hot lips on my naked body and it was very easy for him to lift and fondle with me as i am only 50 kgs and he had atremendous physique. i said" stop it babu, leave me".but babu was accelerating me,makig me hot every second and i started enjoying his fondling. he was smmoching me wildly and his finger was moving in and out of my tight virgin ass. his cockhad grown to full of its size and was rubbing against my stomach as i was in the lifted position. all of sudden babu stopped, he gently let me step on the floor and then started rubbing my wet body with the towel, he then did the same thing with himself. after that he again lifted me and walked out of the bathroom.he took me to the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed.babus fondling had already made me hot enough to allow him to fuck me.

he was standing at the door of bed room. he then took a look of my nude body . i stared at his hot monster lund which was at its highest, it was as hard as a steel rod. now babu could read my eyes and he knew that i was burning to get fucked by him. but friends practically speaking it was almost impossible to get that gaint cock in my extremly small hole as i was very slim and i knew that i would not be able to withstand that pain.i stop stared at babu and lay with my stomach facing the bed . babu step forward slowly and all of sudden gripped me just like a wild tiger attacking a deer. he was very wild and despereate.

i could hardly speak, but still i did. i said," BABU PLEASE BODY SEX TAK THEEK HAI MUJHE MAJA A RAHA HAI, PAR PLEASE MERI GAND MAT MARNA, MEIN TUMHARA LUND ANDAR NAHIN LE SAKTA,BAHUT DARD HOGA". but babu wont agree , he said," bas shuru mein thodi taklif hoti hai ek bar lund andar ghus gaya to jameen asma ki har khushi milegi". saying so he again started working on me. smooching me hard, licking my thighs ,fondling my chest and biting my nipples. then he stopped and placed both of my legs on his broad shoulders .

he parted both of my legs to the maximum comfortable position so as to get a very clear view of my anal hole.he said" teri gand to kisi ladki ke gand se bhi pyari hai". saying so , he moved forward placed two pillows below my back so as to position his lund exactly against my hole. i said" babu please, please mat karo."when i was saying this , he squezed my lund and as i said AAAAAAAAAAAAH with my mouth wide open, he got up and inserted his lund straight into my mouth and then moved it in and out. he did this to ensure total hardness before fucking was too big , and in any case he was not able to insert it fully in my mouth as after half of insertion i could fell it down my throat.

then he took it out, rubbed it against my lips,neck,my feminine arms and then to my thighs.finally he parted my virgin ass holewith his fingers and again inserted his middle finger in order to make way for his thick cock into my tight hole.he then started rubbing his tip of the cock on my ass hole. i was hot but unwilling to welcome him in my hole, but there was no choice as i knew that in any case who was going to fuck me real hard, and it was impossible to resist or fightback heavily built masculine babu.for about 10-15 seconds he kept on the rubbing process and then all of sudden he gave me a very hard stroke moving my body almost 3 -4 inches upwards,therby his massive lund tearing my anal hole and getting into it with full momentum. it was very painful, i gave a loud whine,BBBAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUIIIIII AAAAAH, babu found that inspite of such a good effort not even one third of his lund had penetrated my hole.

the reason was,my hole was too tight and small as compared to his thick wide shaft.since it was cold outside ,the pain was too much to say.babu reset my legs against his shoulders and moved little back for his second stroke expecting that this time he will be successful giving full of his cock.then again aaaaaaaaaoooh babu . this time he entered a little bit more.babu was frustated by my tight ass, he finally took it out , and that too was not easy it had got fixed in my ass just like a dog and bitch has after sex. i thought everythig was over, but it was not the case. babu made me lay on my stomach and placed the two pillows below my stomach then he was searching something on a table next to the bed .

it was a coconut oil bottle. he then put 5-6 drops of coconut oil in my ass hole, he stopped and again put more oil in my ass hole till it tickled out of my ass. he then ,inserted his middle finger as usual but to my surprise,i felt it had went considerably deep than other times. he then applied some vaseline jelly all over his lund and mainly towars the tip. after that he put his left arm around my shoulder to grip me while he parted the petals of my ass with fingers of his right hand. he than gave me a warm smooch, giving time for my ass to soak the oil in order to become more soft. this time he placed the tip of his massive cock slowly on my hole and by very slow manner increased the force.

and this time it worked, i felt his massive cock entering slowly but steadily into my hole and the pain increasing every second, i said"babu stop it, i"ll cry". the pain was tremendous, by this time half of his cock was in, but further movement was difficult so babu moved back, and with full strength and passion gave me a very HARDDD SHOOOOOT such that within a fraction of second his entire lund was inside my hole and his testicles were touching my hole surface. i exploded very loudly, and tears rolled down my cheeks with the tremendous pain . now babu started fucking me hard with all his might, he was moving in and out of me with maximum amplitude with tremondous energy. i could see him moaning "aaaaah , ammmmmit teri gand ke samne kisi ladki ki choot bhi kuch nahin". i was whining ,moaning, shouting loudly with pain at the same time weeping with pain .

babu strengthened his grip and fucked me at least for about half an hour . after which i exprienced some hot discharge deep in my hole.babu then with a great effort took his cock out of my hole. but then he screwed me 5 timesin the whole night, that to each time in different positions such as doggy, lotus and many more. he raped me the entire night.he was qite good in screwing for long hours. it stopped somewhere in the morning at about 6:30 a.m. babu knew that I being a shy guy wont tell this incident to any body, and he was right.the next day i had a big swelling at my anal hole.

there were also some cuts and wounds due to the brutal intercourse. babu then said that he knew a huge network of gays and then he took me to one of them who was a doctor, he treated me , gave me some pills and ointment. within 4-5 days it was alright and the swelling subsided. after that i never visited babu's house. but now babu was quite regular visiting my house spending at least one or two nights in a month.since i sleep in a separate room and he joined me whenever he had a holiday or on saturday ,sundays. he then raped me regularly. sometimes in my bedroom,terrace,staircase, some lonely place,twice we had sex in bushes and even in private toilets. five months before he got a job overseas and he left the country.

but still he mails me and says that he is starving for my ass. he wants to see me nude on the webcam. cant say wheter he will return, or when he will return. but i have the sweet memories of babu raping me in my mind forever. its almost impossible to get a substitute for babu.


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