My Eighteenth Birthday.......

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"Ruslin, you must start going to gym now, you turned 18 today and look 16", Mom said holding the plate of breakfast as I came on the table for breakfast."Yeah! Mom, but I'll die on my birthday, if you don’t serve me something." I exclamated trying to skip this as i was too lazy to give myself any sort of workout session. I gulped down the orange juice and haphazardly chomped the pancakes and blueberry syrup down my throat,
"Mom! I'm leaving, Josh and Lance are waiting for me out there." I howled as I sprawled over the steps to reach the jeep waiting outside for me. I passed the garden and the main gate and left mom reciting the litany for my birthday celebration to my aunt.

"Yo Ho Ho! Dudes!" our typical slang, and jumped into the front seat, besides the driver ones being preoccupied by Josh and Lance on the behind one. "Carriage moving to the Yellow Melody Multiplex sir." Josh scornfully quoted that on me coming late. I gave him a raised brow look and the engine of the SUV came to life like a roaring tiger and accelerated to 120 kmph, as we were running late for the movie to start,

"I don’t want to miss the starting, its one of the best fight sequences in the movie", Lance commented, and I slipped down in the seat to hide myself from being cursed. "We'll not miss it, with me driving and Ruslin besides me, no chance to miss a single shot.", Josh took my side.

.....Finally, we reached the spot on time, and I looked at the sky and thanked Almighty to make it possible, and even 15 minutes early. We ran to the stalls, to collect some knick-knacks to munch and swallow through the whole flick, and then went to the balcony to settle down in the cozy corner, where only a "HUNK" was sitting. “Your birthday blast dude." whispered Lance into my ears as he saw me digging my eyes in the perfectly carved torso of the burly thing sitting there. Chortles filled in from the mouths of three gay friends, as they got what they call 'EYE TONIC'.

The 3 settled into the spacious seats that lightened the pockets, to buy the comfort, but the 'EYE TONIC' was worth it, I sat beside the tonic, as I was the b'day boy. King-sized butterflies started flying in my stomach by the thought of him beside me. The lights faded into the vicinity as the screen started to glow against the dark background, and my mind wandered through the meaty body, and courageously and LEGALLY, I put my hand on his thighs as the flick advanced in the scenes, although it was bit weird as the seats provided were spacious enough and I was skinny enough. Still, I wished to advance. When the 2-hour flick reached half an hour i moved my hand to his groin, and looked into those brown and wet eyes, they were glittering above the sexiest juicy labia pair I ever saw. Then suddenly, his hand gripped mine, and my heart skipped a beat or two, 'What's going to happen', I thought as I saw him advancing towards me, "Not now, I will signal you", said he, and my heart came back from the ride.

.....Then happened the interval, and... There it ended too... and I was surprised as 'when, is going to be my b'day gift', he suddenly got up and moved out, and signaled for the loo, and I followed him 5 minutes past, telling my friends, "I need to, or my bladder will burst". As interval was over, there was no one in the washroom.
.....There he was, standing at the urinal, signaled me to close the door, and I did as he said, he was around 40 but fitness told me, either he's a retired army man, or a physical instructor. He came near, and my heart again went on the trip, he held my hands, and pushed me to the wall, I hit it and then he pasted them against the wall, and started licking my neck, his stubble was tingling and I looked up and closed my eyes, he moved from my neck to my lips, and suddenly gave me a mouthful sting that hurt me very bad, I almost screamed, but his mouth rendered me not to do that. I tried to struggle against that heavy 4 X body, but all in vain, taste of blood jolted my body into attention, he bit so hard that I was bleeding, I moved my face up, he looked at me in surprise, and my eyes had disgust for him, “Leave me" I said quietly, a grin escaped his mouth, I shouted, "Leave Me!!!” again a grin. He started biting my cheeks, initially slow, and then again a sting, this time I was pissed off, and desperately started struggling like a juvenile deer, in front of a hungry tiger, as the same, no positive results. I realized, not only his teeth, but also his nails were digging into my wrists, and the left one started bleeding. I was struggling, and an inferno builds inside me, and I kicked him in the groin. He left me at once, and clutched his balls in his palms, and I realized, they were enormous.

Whatever. I turned around, and tried to undo the knob, when a big hand, of course his, clamped my hair from behind, and pulled me hard, banged me on the floor, my head spinning, still I tried to get up, when he grabbed my hair again, and thrusted my mouth against a urinal, my tongue landing into piss, and then he flushed water, which ran over my head. He started unbuttoning my shorts, I protested again, and held his hand tight, tried to move, he smirked, like any rogue. His fingers gripped my neck and my mouth opened in pain, but no sound came through. "You want to play, let’s play!!" I shouted for help for the first time, but he banged my forehead onto the cubicle's door, which went open, and my head landed on flush handle, he left me, I fumbled to get up, and a red line advanced from the right corner of my head, trespassing the right eye, right on the floor. I stumbled to look back, but I did, satisfaction, on that face that appealed me once. Tear escaped from my left eye, and right one released a fluid, mixture of tear and blood.

.....He was undoing his zipper, “What do you think, I'll call my friends here in a moment, and you’ll get a big one", taking out the cell phone, I said. He pulled me out of the cubicle by my legs, the back of my head banged the toilet seat, and I cried in pain. He tore off my T-shirt and pulled my shorts to my ankles and finally climbed over. I was under his legs, my cell phone was nowhere, and he pulled his pants down, and flipped my around. "You slut! How can I let these butter-ass-cheeks escape! Huh!?”, and saying this, landed a bite on the right one. My head was too numb to respond, and my blood-filled hands were too weak to respond either. He thrusted the dick, which surely was magnified version of any ordinary one, but away from my eyes. He propelled it into my asshole, and contracted the back muscles, in pain, and my head went up in reflex, the legs too, but he slammed my head down again, and my drooping tongue landed on a soiled area, and entered my mouth a bit of earth.

Longest phase of my life being this very one. His to and fro motion continued for infinite moments. Suddenly he took his cock out and flipped around again, moved his cock to my face, I opened my eyes, and everything was appearing blurred, my ass was wet too, not with anything else, but the red body fluid, blood. He started stroking my cock, as if it will respond, after all this blood loss, and numbness. But to my surprise the lifeless, limp, and 4 inched lizard oozed out the load in a few seconds. He munched upon it, getting up and cleaning his stubble, said he, "Now I must feed you, isn’t it, my butter cup".

.....Stroked his dick for a few minutes, and darted spurt after spurt, hitting my eyes, nose, and mouth, and then put the slimy, spongy thing into my buccal, and pulled it away as it dropped the last piece of the liquid. The thick semen, blocked my nasal pathway, I wiped the thing off, by my left hand, from the nose and the eyes.

Things appeared somewhat clear now; he was fastening his belt, and had that familiar scoundrel grin. I tried to get up, and taking support from the cubicle door, stumbling my feet for establishing balance, and resting my frame on the cubicle support wall, I did. I didn’t know how long it took, but was sure that my friends would be coming over anytime. "Shall I help you in dressing?" and his guffaw filled the washroom. I grinned, and attempted to make him stay back in there, till my friends were there, I tried to pull up my short, but fell down, he chortled again, and made me sit on a toilet seat and tried to put the shorts back on my sloppy body.

"I will never let you go so easily, my friends will take good care of you,” I thought. Suddenly he turned his face and said, "You slut! Your friends will never get me!” I realized I said that, rather than thinking. My drowsy eyes grew bigger, he pulled me down again, and dragged out of the cubicle, and made me lye on my back, and shouted, "TAKE THIS!!!” and landed the hardest kick possible from that 160 pound body's right foot, and those leather military shoes, on my tummy. My torso and legs bounced off the floor and landed again, on the same, and he moved his leg away. With the kick, a dull reddish-blue puke came out of my mouth, containing the orange soda, pancakes, and the same red liquid, blood. He advanced towards the door, as the vision blurred and sounds vanished, and my consciousness vaporized.

.....The next day I woke up on a hospital bed, with my mother and aunt beside me and the nurse checking my blood pressure, and a bottle of blood seeping into my right arm, and Josh and Lance entering from the front door, with a grim-faced hi and I closed my eyes again to sink into sleep.